Saturday, 11 June 2011

Untimely #23 - Sin City

Dim Tim 'n' Phil Pills sit in 'Slick Rick's Skin Gym - Strip Clip 'n' Titty Bin'.
Dim Tim chin-chins, swigs his pink fizz.
Phil Pills grins, sinks his gin.
Minty Tits slinks by.
"Fitty McFitty! Wibbly Bits! Giz licks!" shrills Phil.
"Niffy fish whiff." Tim gips.
His chick is Miss Sixty-Six.
Tim sits, his bitch tits slick with prick milk, his itchy dick dripping with piggy jiz.
Tim slips his thin inch in.
Miss Sixty-Six sighs, “Fill it! Fill it! Is it in?”
“It’s in! It’s in!” Tim lisps.
“My clit – flick it.” Miss Sixty-Six hints.
“Frisky, frisky! Kissy-Kissy!” Tim wimps.
Tim is limp.
“Tiny. Brisk.” Miss Sixty-Six hissing grimly.

Chinky Kingpin, Slitty Ming, pimps skinny nymphs.
His vid biz ‘XXX Bint Films’ slings Big Billy’s filth flicks.
“Which vids is in?” Big Billy clicks.
“Kiddy Fiddling in Rhyll? Flid Rimming Six? Thick Lips ‘n’ Big Dicks? Fisting in Windmills? Which is it?” winks Ming.
Big Billy brims, his chin shiny with spit. Flinging his limbs in stinking swirls, tickling his sticky tip with vim, Billy thrills, “I is sick, innit!”

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