Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Untimely Stimulus #24

It's sort of a wedding theme this time around. Last weekend I went to a lovely wedding and had a super time. Next weekend is a stag do that fills me with both trepidation and excitement. the following week my wife has a hen party to attend. Two weeks later, and it's the second wedding for the month of July. And someone I work with has just got engaged! So it's everywhere. Deal with it.
I myself am fortunate to be married already, no longer a part of the games of love. Nonetheless, I constantly have anxiety dreams where my wife is incredibly mean to me in a variety of ways. She is not really mean to me, not like this. She's awesome. I just pretend she's horrible in my dreams. It's sweet really, if you think about it...
Anyway. Yes. This Untimely is dedicated to weddings. And love. And nightmares.

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